Switch Technique – KRYTIKA Productions Podcast 010

Switch Technique delivered the new KRYTIKA Productions podcast, which contains fresh material from Katharsys, Counterstrike and Fragz, as well as tracks of his own.

Chee & Counterstrike – Perfect Machine (Algorythm)
Syrinx – Returned (Black Hoe)
Synthakt – Spiral View (Algorythm)
Blast & Fragz – Cosmic Radiation (Yellow Stripe)
Pythius & DJ Hidden – Corrosive (Blackout)
Switch Technique – Sour Sky (Black Hoe)
Katharsys – Destruction (Othercide)
Chee – Martyrdom (Algorythm)
Cooh – Misbit (Counterstrike Remix)
Switch Technique – Quarks & Leptons (Therapy Sessions)
Counterstrike & Eye-D – How It Ends (Algorythm)
Brainpain – Back It Up (Kinetik)
Black Sun Empire – Elusive (Blackout)
Experimental Chemistry – Icons Of Evil (Krytika Productions)
Looh – Kislota (Position Chrome)
Switch Technique – Softbreed (PRSPCT)
BSA – Clubwalker (PRSPCT)

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