Noisia Radio S02E48 (Hybris Takeover)

Hybris hosts today’s Noisia Radio podcast, celebrating the release of Extraction EP on Invisible Recordings.

Hybris – Filter Bubble [INVISIBLE]
Signal – Objectify [NEODIGITAL]
Rido – Solar Walk [BLACKOUT]
Hybris – Don’t Touch My Face [INVISIBLE]
Ivy Lab – Socket [20/20]
Lamont – Concrete [SWAMP81]
Hybris – Extraction [INVISIBLE]
DLR – Journey to Mars [DISPATCH]
Hybris – Brain Drain [INVISIBLE]
Silent Witness – Ambush [METHLAB]
Konflict – New World Order [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
Hybris – Rubber Ducky [INVISIBLE]
Alix Perez – The Raven [1985]
Hybris – Gut Rumble [MONOLETH]
Dom & Roland – King of the Hustlers [METALHEADZ]
Hybris – Insect Mating Dance [INVISIBLE]
Mefjus & Emperor – Flashizm [CRITICAL]
Nympho – Coming Through (Quadrant Ant TC1 & Iris remix) [DISPATCH]
Nickbee – The Time [INVISIBLE]
Hybris – Bubor [INVISIBLE]
Homemade Weapons – Conduit [SAMURAI]
Hybris – Bottle Collector [INVISIBLE]

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