BSA – Forbidden Society Recordings Metalcast vol.36

Brand new Metalcast recorded by BSA and featuring lots of dubs from the artist himself, as well as from Cooh and Fragz.

01.BSA & Cooh – Passcode (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
02.C4C – Peep Show (Audio RMX) (Virus Recordings)
03.BSA – Other Places (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
04.BSA – Can take it (dub)
05.BSA – Fortuna (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
06.The Clamps – Social Disorder (Trendkill Records)
07.BSA – Forever (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
08.Gancher & Ruin – The Mark (Yellow-Stripe)
09.Brainpain & YMB – Move Those Feet (Culture Assault Records)
10.Agressor Bunx – Order (Eatbrain Records)
11.Sinister Souls & Erre – Tuh Tuh Duh (VIP) (PRSPCT Recordings)
12.Satan – First Blood (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)
13.BSA – Come Close (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
14.Erre & Hardlog1k – Up Underground (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)
15.Agressor Bunx – Tommy Gun (Blackout Recordings)
16.Sinister Souls – Dead Eyes (PRSPCT Recordings)
17.BSA & Cooh – He is Me (Yellow-Stripe)
18.Fragz – As we fight (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
20.Current Value & Forbidden Society – Birth Cycle (FSRECS)
21.Sinister Souls – Black Book (UNION Records)
22.BSA & CA.2.k – Game Makers (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)
23.Kitech & Dylan Feat George Noblen – Hatred Written in Fire (Yellow Stripe Recordings)
24.Kitech & Dylan Feat Your Demise – Dirty Seeds Rip Puddles of Doom (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)
25.Tech Itch – Retribution (Audio RMX) (Penetration Records)
26.BSA – Back to the Future (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)
27.BSA – Dream On (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)

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