Mefjus – Muskox / Assembler

Mefjus is releasing a new album – ‘Manifest’! Even though the first single, ‘If I Could / Ringshifter’, didn’t quite do the job, the new one sounds more accomplished. ‘Muskox’ sees Mefjus with his most renowned style, i.e. noisy and technological neurofunk. Meanwhile ‘Assembler’ is a nasty halftime tune with great production.

Purchase ‘Muskox / Assembler’ here.

‘Manifest’ will be out on the 26th April via Vision Recordings. According to Martin himself, it took 2 years to produce. This album reflects Mefjus’ love for various kinds of drum & bass, and it’s also a step forward for the producer’s creative process. ‘Manifest’ is Mefjus 2.0.

Pre-order ‘Manifest’ here.

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