Lost Dubs: The Panacea


A madman like The Panacea became known not only for his records, but his DJ sets as well. Mathis’ intense mixes feature exclusive mashups alongside VIP versions, bootlegs and edits of various tracks. This unreleased material, plus some other Panacea’s works, made it to today’s Lost Dubs.

Current Value & Coresplittaz – Dispelling Fear (The Panacea VIP)


Limewax – Evolution (The Panacea VIP)


Limewax – Iciсle (The Panacea VIP)


Audio & The Panacea – Designed For War (The Panacea VIP)


Audio & The Panacea – Perished (REAL VIP)


Pythius – Abandon (The Panacea VIP)


Raiden – I Hate You Motherfuckers (The Panacea VIP)


Sunchase – Remember Me (The Panacea VIP)


Cooh & The Panacea – Rave Krillz


Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (The Panacea Bootleg Remix)


CLSM – Move On (The Panacea VIP Mix)


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