Lost Dubs: Early Versions

It’s been a while since we did a post on Lost Dubs… Let’s dig some more stuff! This new selection features early, unfinished versions of tracks. How did tunes from Noisia, Pendulum, Emperor and Calibre sound, when they were still at the dubplate stage? Some of them experienced significant changes over time, and were probably better in their original form… Whatever, you are free to make your own conclusion about it.

Calyx & Teebee Ft. Kemo – 90’s (Original Version)


Corrupt Souls – Brood X (Original Unreleased Dub)


Noisia – My World (Feat. Diana Ross)


Black Sun Empire – Arrakis (Noisia Remix) (Live Let It Roll 2013)


Pendulum – Axle Grinder (Dubplate Version)


Pendulum – Masochist (Dubplate Version)


Pendulum – Tarantula (Demo)


Spor – Breath In Scream Out (Early Vocal Version)


Emperor – Disrupted (Early Version)


Emperor & Centra – Interstellar (WIP Version)


Misanthrop – Defection (Unreleased Dubplate Version)


Enei – Goliath (Early Version)


Audio – Combust (1st Version)


Audio & Dylan – The Birth & The Death (Early Version AKA Burning)


Zero T & Calibre – Waterfall (Dubplate Version)


Chris.SU – F.A.T.E. (Early Version)


Gridlok – Smuggler (Early Version)


Optical & Fierce – Weapon (Dubplate Version)


DJ Hidden – Prayer’s End (1st Version)


Dillinja – Gangbang (1st Unreleased Version)


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