Limewax – NYC / Straightest Heath

Just like thunderstorm, a new Limewax release has broken the silence! NYC / Straighest Heath is Maxim’s first Tech Itch Recordings record in 9 years. Apparently, the quality of Lime’s music hasn’t suffered over time: more ideas, more energy, more versatility, less compromise. Mind-blowing track Straighest Heath is destined strictly for destroying the dancefloor, whilst NYC is a more experimental piece, which sees Maxim showing off his production skills.

Tech Itch Recordings promise to deliver even more tracks as a celebration of Limewax comeback to the imprint, and it’s something we are eagerly anticipating.

Purchase NYC / Straightest Heath here.

Interestingly enough, last month the label re-issued the Scars On The Horizon album and The Kristall Weizen EP. We highly recommend to check them out as well.

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