Katharsys – Forbidden Society Recordings Metalcast vol.37

Katharsys recorded a new mix in the Metalcast series, featuring their own tracks that were signed to Othercide, Yellow Stripe and Forbidden Society Recordings.
01.Katharsys – Dead Never Stay Dead [FSRECS]
02.Donny – Monster [CPW]
03.Donny – Ten Tonne Hammer (Katharsys remix) [Guerilla]
04.Katharsys – Precog [Othercide]
05.Katharsys – Subsiders [Othercide]
06.Counterstrike – The Signal [Algorythm]
07.Katharsys – Suricate [Melting Pot]
08.Freqax – Twisted Vision [Othercide]
09.Katharsys – Inner World (Donny Remix) [CPW]
10.Katharsys & Syze – Orbit
11.Katharsys – Discipline [FSRECS]
12.Forbidden Society – Sellout [FSRECS]
13.Fragz & Katharsys – Low Life Criminals [Yellow Stripe]
14.Freqax & Katharsys feat.Syze – Shadows
15.Katharsys – Awakened [Othercide]
16.Katharsys – Daybreaker [Yellow Stripe]
17.Donny – War Horn [CPW]
18.Katharsys – Destruction [Othercide]
19.Katharsys – Galactic Subduction [Othercide]

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