DLR – Dreamland LP


DLR’s second solo album is on the horizon! Dreamland entirely represents James’ distinguishing style, namely tight, diligent sounds coupled with skillfully created groove. LP comprises 14 tunes, some of them featuring other talented techstep artists, such as Break, Mako, Signal and Hydro. The release is set for the 25th November via Dispatch Recordings. Dreamland is available for pre-order on digital and vinyl, as well as a Dropcard format, which contains 3 exclusive tracks – Time Wasting, When Tribes Collide and Science Funktion. Also, 7th November sees the release of album sampler, featuring two tracks – Pyoyb and Wheel Of Fortune.

01. Lucid Dreaming (Intro)
02. Trip Up
03. Wonder What It Feels Like feat. Break
04. Wasting TIme
05. Living The Dream (Interlude)
06. Pyoyb
07. Anxiety Attack feat. Mako
08. Inna Dream (Interlude)
09. Dreamland feat. Gusto
10. Unusual Behavior feat. Signal
11. Decisions You Make In A Dream (Interlude)
12. Journey To Mars
13. We’re All Wrong feat. Hydro
14. Time Is Everything

Pre-order the album here.
Pre-order the sampler here.

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