Noisia Radio S01E06

Here is the new volume of Noisia Radio! Apart from a lot of amazing electronic music, the guys played out some new cuts forthcoming on Invisible, Eatbrain and Co-Lab, as well as a tune called Dead Limit, taken from their new collab ЕР with The Upbeats.

Noisia & The Upbeats — Dead Limit [VISION]
Krubera & Thook — Tribe [FREE]
Skeptical — Imperial [EXIT]
Two Fingers — Tasm Fet [DIVISION]
ID — Airborne [INVISIBLE]
Neosignal — Sequenz [DIVISION]
I Am Legion — Dust Descends [DIVISION]
Bullion — Get Familiar [ONE-HANDED]
Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris — Clusterfunk [VISION]
Jai Tee — Far Cry [FREE]
Phace — Digital Diet [NEOSIGNAL]
Losco — Charge [FREE]
Noisia — Mundus Theme [DIVISION]
ID — Pattern [INVISIBLE]
OZ — Grizla [CO-LAB]
Noisia — ‘zandkorrels in het zand’ (een gedicht)-01.mp3 [UNFINISHED]
Future Prophecies — Magnetic [SUBTITLES]
Machine Code — Terraforming [EATBRAIN]
Stephan Bodzin — Blue Giant [HERZBLUT]

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