Fanu — Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast #13

Fanu записал новый подкаст из серии Breaks ‘n’ Beats, в которой последовательно раскрывается олдскульное звучание драм-н-бэйса.


Noise and Paradox – Timeless Existence (Ninebar)
DJ Stretch & Teebone – Shaolin Style VIP [Tom & Jerry Remix]
unknown – unknown
DJ Die – Footsteps (Reinforced)
Ricky Force – Fallin (Pressin’ Hard Records)
Lynch Kingsley – Eden (Inperspective)
Janne Hatula – Dreaming Every Day (Lightless)
Fracture – Black Pearl (Exit)
Fracture & Neptune – Flashing Light (Astrophonica)
Bill Riley – Never Go Back (V)
Bunit – Windmill Kick (Bunit)
Glyphic – Tunnel Vision [Glyphic’s Redline VIP] (Detrimental Audio dub)
unknown – unknown
Trisector – Downward Spiral (DSCI4)
Loxy – Jinnel Killa (Renegade Hardware)
Dexta & Crypticz – Together (dub)
Fanu – Two Drummers (Synaptic Plastic forthcoming)
The Mouse Outfit feat. MC Fox – Wrap Another Zoot [Jim Bane & Nymad Remix] (dub)
Graphs – Foxdie (Diffrent)

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