Lost Dubs: Sinister Souls

Lost Dubs Sinister Souls2

Sinister Souls are definitely one of the most tear-out duos at the moment. Their music is a mixture of power, energy and positivity. Since they clearly moved away from dubstep to drum & bass, Sinister Souls have produced loads of darkstep and crossbreed, and some of these works are still unreleased, like collabs with Hallucinator and Pythius. The guys also like to create various bootlegs that get played out exclusively in their killer DJ sets. Nevertheless we still hope that they will see the light of the day some time, just like it happened once when the duo released a compilation of dubplates entitled “Edited & Forgotten”.


Sinister Souls & Pythius – Warbound


Sinister Souls & Pythius – Hustlin’


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