Lost Dubs: Gridlok

Lost Dubs Gridlok

It sounds rather unpleasant, but the release of Gridlok’s album for Virus Recordings is getting delayed – the reason is that Ryan decided to postpone the production of the LP due to moving his own studio to Europe. However, we can already take a sneak peek at few fortchoming tracks that promise to be interesting. This material, plus 23 other unreleased works of Gridlok, are in today’s Lost Dubs.


Gridlok – Mind Reader


Gridlok – Germ


Gridlok – The Plot


Gridlok – Break In


Gridlok – Counterstrike


Gridlok – Dig Up The Grave


Gridlok – Frequency


Gridlok – Kreepy Killa VIP


Gridlok – Kunkushin


Gridlok – Like This


Gridlok – Shallow (Alternate Version)


Gridlok – Skanka VIP


Gridlok – Smuggler (Early Version)


Gridlok – Space Phantom Killer


Gridlok – Sphere


Gridlok – Steady (Early Version)


Gridlok – The Void (Early Version)


Gridlok – Untitled


Gridlok – War


Nine Inch Nails – Vessel (Gridlok’s Up Too Late Remix)


Ed Rush & Optical – Compound (Gridlok Early Version)


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