Krakota – Strange System LP

Krakota - Strange System LP

Krakota got really noticed in the previous 2 years – after he got signed to Hospital Records and released a series of successful singles/EPs. Now it’s time for his debut album! Strange System LP contains 14 works with this artist’s trademark style. And regardless of subgenre, be it a liquid roller or a dirty stepper, Krakota’s output remains musical and refined. The release is set for the 29th July.

1 North Winds
2 Colour The Past (feat. Karina Ramage)
3 Samphire
4 Xylo
5 Turn Of Fate
6 Powder Coated (feat. London Elektricity)
8 In The Area (feat. Lifford)
7 Half Life
9 Elastic
10 Carmine
11 Meridian
12 Weirdos & Creepers (feat. ILLAMAN)
13 End Of The Line (feat. Benji Clements)
14 Sea Air

You can pre-order Strange System on digital, vinyl or CD.

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