Noisia Radio S02E42

В новом эпизоде Noisia Radio парни отыграли новинки от Mefjus & Emperor, Current Value, DLR и не только.

Shield — Slang Ft. Ivy Lab [2020]
Mefjus & Emperor — Flashizm [CRITICAL]
Rockwell — Hoez To The Floor [SHOGUN]
NastyNasty — Sicklittle [SATURATE]
Bl4ck Owlz — Primal Call [EATBRAIN]
Current Value — Capsule [OTHERCIDE]
DLR — Journey To Mars [DISPATCH]
Shades — One Knock [ALPHA PUP]
Misanthrop — Malfunction [NEOSIGNAL]
Topi — Active [INVISIBLE]
Mikal — Beyond [HORIZONS]
Skore — Machine Routine [CO-LAB]
Chase & Status — Tribes [DUB]
Mohican Sun — Dead Sea [INTEGRAL]
Two Fingers — Adrians Rythm [DIVISION]
NickBee — The Gears [EATBRAIN]
Origin — Skant [SUBTITLES]
Tails. — 100Hammers [SOUNDCLOUD]
Signal & Skadi — False Truth [HORIZONS]
Noisia — Mantra [VISION]
Urbandawn — Prime Expansion [HOSPITAL]
The Upbeats — Undertaker [VISION]
Sofie Letitre — Not Helping [DIVISION]

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