High Contrast — UKF Music Podcast #72

High Contrast записал новый подкаст для UKF!

Adele — ‘Hello (High Contrast Bootleg)’
Gerra & Stone — ‘L.I.E.S (Jungle VIP)’
Grum — ‘Straight To Your Heart’
Delta Heavy — ‘White Flag (VIP)’
Muffler — ‘Cosmos’
Alibi — ‘Aftermath’
Culture Shock — ‘Tangents’
Bladerunner — ‘Heart Strings’
JayDan — ‘Brock It Up’
High Contrast — ‘Calling My Name’
Was A Be — ‘Jah’
Rockwell — ‘Please Please Please (High Contrast Music Is Everything VIP)’
Digital — ‘Bail Out’
Sigma — ‘Coming Home (Break Remix Dub)’
Urbandawn — ‘Spectrum’
Keeno — The Moon Under The Water
Brookes Brothers feat. Danny Byrd — ‘Climb High’
Scales — ‘Loves Got Me High (Koncept Remix)’

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